40 S&W Remanufactured Ready to Load Brass 1000ct

The .40 S&W caliber was created by a joint effort of two of the largest ammunition companies in the world; Smith & Wesson and Winchester. Though calibers like the 9mm and .45 have been around for a full century, the .40 S&W was first created in January of 1990.

It was actually created in response to the FBI’s desire to have a more effective round for semi-auto guns. In April of 1986, agents with the FBI found themselves being pinned down by automatic rifle fire by two bank robbers in Miami. Though the agents outnumbered the robbers, their inability to counter the firing rate proved to be fatal for two agents. Not to mention that the robbers were both hit multiple times, yet still had the ability to shoot their own weapons.

In response to this, the FBI commissioned S&W to develop a round that could surpass the effectiveness of their .38 special, which was their standard carry weapon. The FBI wanted their new round to have increased stopping power but still have low recoil for more accurate consistent firing. The first round created was the 10mm, but it had more recoil and required a bigger gun than the FBI want. The two companies, after several rounds of testing, created the .40 caliber intended to be used by Law Enforcement agencies, though many, today, are moving to the 9mm.

This is Remanufactured brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. It has been cleaned. It has been resized and decapped and swaged. This brass contains different manufacturer’s headstamps. It is recommended that all brass be inspected, prior to being reloaded and fired.   As a reloader you should be knowledgeable on how to identify and process these types of cartridges.


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.40 S&W Remanufactured Ready to Load Brass  De-Primed, Full Length Sized, Swaged, Cleaned & Polished. 500ct

This is not loaded ammunition.

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